What’s not so good about my Olympus e620?

Olympus e620So it’s nearly been a few months now, so here’s what’s not so good with my Olympus e620.

Well I’m very gald to say, “Not a lot!!”.   Yep, nearly all incredibly minor niggles are down to me as much as the camera.  By that I mean, I’ve still to learn how to drive it properly.

Nothing I hear you cry?  Well you’re right to be suspicous of my claim, as there is one thing that is annoying.  Theres no autofocus assist beam!! 

Auto focus struggles in low light or low contrast situations.  Now the e620 makes use of the pop up flash, which it strobes whilst trying to focus.  Not only is this very slow, it’s quite annoying and, if I’m honest, embarasing.  Having moved from compact cameras with those handly little focus assist lamps, this is annoying when considering a DSLR is supposed to give me more photographic power.  Sometimes it just fails to focus at all. 

I know there are ways round it, like focusing on something nearby, but same distance, or turning all the house lights on, but that’s not always possible.  You can of course revert to manual focus, but without any means of knowing if focus is acheived, other than using ones eye, this can be hard too in low light.Metz 48 AF-1 Flashgun

So what do I do now?  Simple – I chose to buy a flashgun with an AF Assist lamp.  I purchased a Metz 48 AF-1, which has turned out to be really good and has solved the low light autofocus problem.  It does mean I have to cart the flashgun around with me, but then I do, since I’ve payed for it ;-).

I guess this is a problem with DSLRs, as even with a built in beam, you are often focusing on object much fiurther away than you would with a compact point and shoot.

Other than that, all is going well and I’m enjoying the Olympus e620.

Bloco Fogo Caught with Olymous e620

During early September, whilst out doing some Christmas shopping in Tunbridge Wells, my son and I heard some drumming!  It’s was a samba band.  We followed our ears to investigate and found Bloco Fogo playing in the centre by the clock tower.

Luckily I had my shiny new Olympus e620 with me, in the hope I’d have cause to use it, and I did!

After successfully pushing my way through to the front, using my son’s pram as a people plough, I attached the 50 to 150mm lens and started snapping away.

Now I must stress, at the time I was still getting used to the camera, and still am!  So despite taking quite a few shots, these are the only one’s worth uploading, the rest are either out of focus, wrong exposure, or naff composition.

Bloco Fogo are an Afro-bloco samba band from Kent www.blocofogo.com.  I’ve seen them before and have to say they are rather good, very loud, colourful and energetic.  So loud in fact, that my son covered up his ears for the duration!

What do you think?

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