Moonwalk – Got the Hat and T-Shirt!


It’s getting closer!!!  My parcel arrived with the Bra, the Hat and T-shirt.  Note I’ve not modelled the bra yet, as I’m waiting until I’ve decorated it. 

Despite wanting to use this event as an opportunity to train, train, train, I’ve adopted the same attitude I applied to a previous event of 40 miles.  How hard can it be?  It’s only walking…  Mmmmm I’ll have to wait and see, as no training = payback after the event. 

Still, I’ve bought some new trainers, so they should help!

Sponsor me in the ‘Fight Against Breast Cancer’

justgiving_badge52I’ve just opened my own on-line sponsor me page on for those of you who would like to sponsor me for taking part in the 2009 London Moonwalk.  By sponsoring me, you will be helping the charity WalkTheWalk and the fight against breast cancer.

See the widget to the right?  My Totaliser!  All you have to do is click the orange ‘Donate’ button and you will be routed to my sponsor page, else follow this link

Now it’s going to take me some 8 hours and unless I start training in ernest, I’m going to end up with very sore knees!  I’ve got a step machine and am stepping away whilst watching TV, it’s a start..

Red Nose Day 2009 – Wear Something Funny For Money.



So I did!  The photo says it all. 

I drove to work dressed like this and brightened up the drag to the office on the way for those glaring at me in the traffic and on the footpath.

It’s made a very pleasant change seeing folks smile back 😉

Work – the team joined in, and armed with some cakes and Red Nose Day sweepstakes, we raised approx £200 for Comic Relief.

For thos of you unfamiliar with Comic Releif, find out more here about a very worthy cause, and why not donate too 😉


I’ve secured my place in this years London Playtex Moonwalk

There’s no turning back now!  I’ve got my place in this years London Playtex Moonwalk. 


Now I’m not one for running, so thought this might be my chance of doing a London Marthin without the agony, whilst raising funds for a more than worthy cause.

I’ve yet to read all the contents of the information pack, other than training starts real soon! 

The event is on the 16th May 2009.. and I’ll keep you updated with my progress here…

Scott’s Grotto

img_4216Whilst visiting Ware, we visited Scott’s Grotto.  A very unusual attraction as it’s entrance is very small and snuck between houses out of sight.  It was built by the poet John Scott during the 18th Century.

We had no idea what to expect and were intrigued why we had to bring a torch.   When we got there we climbed down some steps to a frontage that resembled a small house, shed, temple, all rolled into one.  built out of flint with the back disappearing into the ground.  Once a ‘folly’ within large ground of Scott’s house, it is now surrounded by modern housing and thankfully saved from being developed for us to enjoy now.