Scott’s Grotto

img_4216Whilst visiting Ware, we visited Scott’s Grotto.  A very unusual attraction as it’s entrance is very small and snuck between houses out of sight.  It was built by the poet John Scott during the 18th Century.

We had no idea what to expect and were intrigued why we had to bring a torch.   When we got there we climbed down some steps to a frontage that resembled a small house, shed, temple, all rolled into one.  built out of flint with the back disappearing into the ground.  Once a ‘folly’ within large ground of Scott’s house, it is now surrounded by modern housing and thankfully saved from being developed for us to enjoy now.


Ware have I been?

To Ware, that’s where

We have recently had the pleasure of visiting Ware in Hertfordshire in South East England, whilst staying at the Hanbury Manor, a Marriott hotel.  Initially we had no idea or plan of what to do or expect, other than to have a weekend away from it all.


First Post

I thought it about time I used this site for something – so a Blog it is!

Now to descramble all that stuff in my head into interesting meaningful content.

Easier said than done.