London Moonwalk 2012 – Done ;-)

Moonwalk 2012 MedalLondon Moonwalk 2012 Done!  That’s Moonwalk number 4 for me, 15 for Walk The Walk.

This time, as ever, I failed to follow the training programme, though this year the weather did give me an almost valid excuse. I managed a few 5 – 8 miles and a 12 ish mile, but that was it.

On the day, I had the usual faff, deciding what to wear, take, etc.  The bra’s the easy bit.  After checking the weather, I plumped for a vest, t-shirt and a zip top for the early morning chill.  I packed the bum bag with 2 Snickers, 1 Red Bull, 3 energy bars, 1 packet of dextrose, chewing gum (to clean the teeth), spare mobile phone batteries, camera, tissues, etc.  Fortunately for me, I can use the bra G cup for storage too 😉  It typically houses battery pack for lights, tissues and water bottle.

I got there nice and early – about 7pm and pitched up on my wee foldable stool, right by the entrance.  It’s quite something to be the first in the tent (pink palace) empty, then watch it fill up.

Weather – how lucky were we???  In the run up to the event, I was seriously worried about it raining, but it turned out proper nice 😉

After the entertainment and the very powerful 1 minute silence, the warm up started and we made our way to the start.

This year I walked with Deborah, who I met on the first Moonwalk, her second walk, having had a 2year sabbatical 🙂  I was a bit nervous about walking with her, as she had reported some serious training and speeds!

We were in the Green group and, as usual, I reckoned on 8 hours.  We started at 11:40 and all I did was yawn and yawn, as the tiredness kicked in (I like my sleep).  Round Hyde Park, then off towards Westminster, we were on our way.  It felt a bit quick for me, and at mile 4 to 5 I started to ache.  Oh dear!  This went on for a few more miles and I was a wee bit worried.  Time for a Snickers and later on, a Red Bull.  I came to life and all was good, although Deborah was probably sick of my increased energy, as I kept on talking.

Mile 10 and the Half Mooners peel off.  That’s hard, as it rams home the fact you have a long way to go!  Still, onwards and onwards..

Next up Battersea Park for the obligatory loo stop, and this year a chunk of banana and orange.  I only ever eat oranges on the Moonwalk – strange but true.

Then it’s the hard slog to mile 20, where we were promised a surprise, as it was the 15th Birthday of the London Mooonwalk.  When we got there – lemon tea or hot chocolate!  As soon as I saw the hot chocolate being poured, I knew what I was having.  Yum!

Then it was the home run, just 6 miles – easy, especially as the Sun was coming up nice and warm.  Although each mile was slower than the previous, so much so, the last mile always seems to be longer than a mile.

After a stop at the Mile 26 marker, it was the last whatever it is to the finish line.  Brilliant feeling to finish and have someone put the medal around your neck.

After some good byes and collecting the bag, it was time to walk back to the tube to get the train home.  Walking down to Hyde Park Corner, there were morning runners going in the opposite direction and one of them, a lady with a huge smile, shouted ‘enjoy your good rest’ – a very memorable thing to be acknowledged by someone clearly far fitter than I!

I managed to stay awake on the train, so as not to miss my stop.  At home I had the pleasure of seeing for the first time, the two huge blisters on my feet, which in as somewhat strange way I’m rather proud of 😉

Now to collect the money – may target is £1000 and I know, once I’ve collected the cash, I’ll beat it this time – so that’s a very chuffed Moonwalker.

This event can lead to fabulous things, from meeting people on the walk that you keep in touch with beyond, to raising funds for a worthy cause, to being invited to talk about the walk at your son’s school!  Yes – I was invited in to talk about The London Moonwalk at my son’s school, which made him proud of me and vice versa!

Here’s to Moonwalk number 5 in 2013


Some photos I managed to get:

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