London Moonwalk Bra @ Ukulele Night

Moonwalk Bra and UkuleleJust a short post..  I thought I’d attend the Tunbridge Wells Ukulele Night Thing wearing my suitably lit London Moonwalk Bra and Hat.  Put a smile on many faces, even got to pose with a pink ukulele.  To top it of, some kind folks sponsored me too.

I managed another walk last weekend – 13.5 miles @ 3.8mph.  Found it harder than last year, so will have to step up training if I’m to complete this years London Moonwalk intact!

2 thoughts on “London Moonwalk Bra @ Ukulele Night

  1. Just sponsored you now. Good luck and it’s great to see you doing so much training.

    I’m thinking of running the marathon next year. I applied for the ballot the other day – nail biting stuff.

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