Moonwalk 2010 Training – Finally Started in earnest.

Well despite only three weeks till the night, I’ve finally walked further than the usual 3 or 6 miles!  It seems this year, either the weather has been so bad or uninspiring, or I’ve been ill or too busy to follow the training plan provided by WalkTheWalk.

The final parcel arrived at then end of this week, including bra, cap and t-shirt and, coupled with the glorious sunshine, it spurred me on to nail at least 10 miles+.  I managed 13.7 today, before getting back home in time for BBQ number 5!  Yes you read correctly, BBQ number 5!

Whilst walking, my wife finished of the new addition to my Moonwalk outfit – a fluorescent pink tutu, with flashing LEDs!!

So I’m feeling more confident now, as the actual walk is only twice what I did today – “how hard can it be!”.

One thought on “Moonwalk 2010 Training – Finally Started in earnest.

  1. HI!

    I just want to say that I am in a panic after receiving the package and am planning on doing A LOT this week! You have spurred me on to not quit!!

    It’s hard getting in more than 5 miles! ‘But how hard CAN it be?’

    Good luck on the night, I’ll look out for your excellent tutu!

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