Moonwalk 2010 – Completed

The Finish LineI completed the Playtex London Moonwalk 2010, and never finished my post!  Yes, this has sat in drafts for quite a while… Since I’ve got into the 2011 walk, I think I best finish this post off!

I had the pleasure of travelling up with 3 ‘first time’ walkers from Tunbridge Wells.  I found myself reciting everything about my 2009 experience.

We arrived rather early, in fact, the Playtex Village wasn’t even open.  This turned out to be a good idea as, whilst it meant we were there for longer, we didn’t have to queue for long, enabling us to maximise the time sat down, resting our legs!  I intend to arrive early for the 2011 walk too!

I was in the Pink group (yep, the slow coaches) and we were next to the stage, unlike last year.  This was great, as we were the ones in the tent the longest.  Having found a spot to sit down, I tucked into the pasta and flapjack.

I had brighter lights this year and boy did I get a lot of attention!  I had to pose for so many photos, I lost count.  To that end, this time I will take a camera with me and try to get as many photos as possible with as many different walkers as possible.  It was great to see my outfit get so many smiles.  For Moonwalk 2011, I’m in the Pink group again., which seems fitting since my outfit is covered with bright pink LEDs.  This will be the third outing for the feather covered bra – Hope it’s up to it!

After the warm-ups, and waving off my fellow Tunbridge Wells walkers (who were in the yellow group), it was time to get going, at 12am!  It was very busy and a wee bit congested, there by ensuring we all took the 8+hours ;-).  Whilst the weather was great compared to the recent horrible stuff we had, it was cooler than last year, such that I had to don my jacket at about 3.30.

I almost made the fatal mistake of not eating and drinking as we went along.  At the big loo stop in Battersea park I did have to sit down and whoof a snickers and (Marathon) and a sports drink.  Whilst I felt feint, I did manage to come round and get going again some 15 mins later.  I guess that was my lesson learnt!

Had the pleasure of completing most of the walk with Samantha who just so happened to be walking by herself and at my pace.  We both came the the conclusion, that walking this thing alone, is no mean feat, so if you are considering walking along, try and talk to someone at your pace and help each other round!  I know Sam’s also got a place in the 2011 walk and reckon we’ll join up and take on the whole thing together.

We finished around 8.30, so a long night!

My admiration goes out to the marshals.  They clap and cheer all night long.  I made a point of cheering them, as to stand there all that time is about as hard as walking the route!

The Moonwalk is a fantastic experience and for a very worthy cause.  It’s not easy, especially if you like your sleep.  As a walker you’s start off very noisy, excited, then you’ll settle down as the long haul ahead is realised, before experiencing elation during the tearful, emotional last few hundred yards to the finish.

So that’s my brief take on my Playtex London Moonwalk 2010.

I promise, along with more training, to not leave it so long before posting about my Playtex London Moonwalk 2011 experiences.  I hope to post about training and my tips I’ll be using for the next one.


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