The Old Cinema in Tunbridge Wells

RitzCinemaListening to KMFM the other day brought to my attention a site with some photos of the old and disused Ritz Cinema in the heart of Tunbridge Wells.

Fascinating…See here: Ritz Cinema Tunbridge Wells Photos

Despite never having gone there myself, I still find it fascinating to see images of what are time capsules. The site is a forum and following the thread for the Ritz Cinema, I stumbled across another site with some more photographed places of old, including the Ritz Cinema

Hooked I return to the 28 Days Later forum and whiled away an hour looking at some fascinating images.

Are there any more sites out there like this I wonder? Time to Google!

2 thoughts on “The Old Cinema in Tunbridge Wells

  1. I’ve got a few over at my Tunbridge Wells blog, check out the Cinema Project on the right hand side, clicking it will take you to a separate page.
    Nice to see another TWer on the web too 🙂

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