Tunnel Gallery Preview in virtual 360

Here is a 360 view of the front of the Tunnel Gallery.  A virtual sneak preview 🙂

My work is the collection of photos on the left, whilst the large abstract paintings are by my friend Scott Heasmer.

Tiz Bell-Richards, features in the rear of the gallery (out of view)

Come and see them in real life at The Tunnel Gallery, Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent from Monday 21st March to Monday 28th March 11am – 6pm  (event night Wed 23rd March 7pm-9pm)

StickMan on Bicycle

Event Night at the Gallery

Update for our Gallery Exhibition

We will be having an event night on the 23rd March form 7pm to 9pm.

You will get to hear myself, Tiz Bell-Richards and Scott Heamser talk about our artwork, over a glass of wine.

Plus, time and space permitting, I will put on a light painting demo, with a little
audience participation.

Event Info:
The gallery is open from the 21st to the 28 March, 11am – 6pm
Event Night – 23rd March 7pm – 9pm

How to get there http://www.tonbridge-school.co.uk/contact-us/maps/
The ‘School Grounds’ link on the page highlights the Tunnel Gallery location.
School visitor parking is in The Quad


Finally going public in a Gallery, Photographically!

Before Christmas, two artist friends asked, if I would like to join them, hiring a gallery to show my work.

Well….  I had to take on the challenge, having never shown any of my work before.  My photography has always been a hobby and private, focusing mostly on friends and family, with the arty creative stuff, always taking the back seat.

The Tunnel Gallery, at the Tonbridge School has been booked and the race is on!

We (Tiz Bell-Richards, Scott Heasmer and I) shall be showing the week of the beginning the 21st of March 2016 through Easter to the the 28th March, Easter Monday.

Tiz specialises in very detailed illustrative artwork – http://tizbellrichards.com

Scott’s speciality is larger abstract work that captures the imagination.

My speciality is “the new to me”, i.e. I like to experiment, rather than try to reproduce photos already produced, and that’s no mean feat, now everyone’s got a camera!

One theme I shall be displaying is “Driving Light” –  a slight twist on light painting, in that the camera is moving, as are some of the lights, whilst driving.  I love this form of photography, as, whilst digital, it still gives you the “what will that look like” moment.