My 365 Project Completed


I finally got to the end of my 365 challenge.  Last year, I saw a post on Facebook of a friends last photo of his 365 project.  I thought – yep – I’ll give it a go, how had can it be?

Well it’s a lot harder than I thought.

At the beginning, I had loads of ideas and there’s loads of stuff around me, that I could snap away at.  I even had ideas of have themes for a week or so, such as using old cameras.  I started of with loads of enthusiasm, and the notion “I’m gonna learn a lot from this”.

To be honest, there were times when I did learn a lot from it.  Notably using it as a means of encouragement to take those photos I’ve been meaning to take for some time.

Then there we times, when I was simply snapping away at anything for that day.

What I did learn, is not every day is a photo day, least not for me.  There are days, when I just don’t feel like taking photos – hence the 50+ whoopsies



#162 of my 365 project

Gig Photos – The Orange Circus Band

#162 of my 365 project

Took the camera with me to Horsmonden’s Summer Festival, as I was playing there with TWUNT, and The Orange Circus Band were headlining, and I like them!

The nifty 50, did catch some nice shots, in very low light, so was pleased with the results.  The biggest problem, was the lighting.  The red lights were so strong to the right of the stage, they washed out the fiddler and bass, making them look radioactive!  That’s why their shots are black and white, which fortunately look even better!

Don’t you just love it when you have a spot of fortune whilst processing in Lightroom 🙂  They liked them so much, they’re on their website too!

My365 #1

My365 Project (2017)

Just before Christmas, I decided I would attempt the photographer’s bucket list challenge – the 365!

Labelled ‘My365’, I hoping it will ensure I think photography everyday, forcing me to venture beyond what I normally do.  Having a day job and a commute, will make it a bit harder, so I’m going to have be even more creative.

I suspect I’m going to learn more about other stuff too, not just photography.  There’s the ‘getting it out there’ social media stuff to improve on; hash tags and all that jazz.  Then there’s presentation.  I’ve seen people with borders, logos, and watermarks of all varieties.  The one thing I have decided, is to experiment, rather than fret, on day 1, about my watermark.  I might not even stick to anyone style, instead choose to tweak as I go along.

I am sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and here of course 🙂

It’s day 3, and so far I have the following.

And so it begins #365project #365 #photography

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Too much #email. #outlook is grim. #My365 #3

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Fireworks 2016 3

Fireworks 2016 with EFs 10-18mm

Took my newly acquired canon EFs 10-18mm lens to a fireworks display.  I think I like it, being able to get nearer to the crowd, whilst still getting everything in shot.

Shots taken with Canon 70D, on a tripod, of course, ISO250, 2 to 2.5 secs @ f 9.0 and tweaked a wee bit in Lightroom.  It’s so easy – give it a go, if you haven’t already 🙂