My 365 Project Completed

My365 – Mosaic

I finally got to the end of My 365 Challenge for 2017.  Last year (2016), I saw a post on Facebook of a friends last photo of his 365 Project.  I thought – yep – I’ll give it a go; how hard can it be?

Well it’s a lot harder than I thought!

At the beginning, I had loads of ideas, enthusiasm, and there’s loads of stuff around me to snap away at.  The inspiration was flowing in bucketfuls.  I even had ideas of for weekly themes, such as using old cameras.  I started off with much excitement, and the notion “I’m going learn a lot from this”.

The Pantiles, Royal Tunbridge Wells

To be honest, there were times when I did learn a lot from it.  Notably using it as a means of encouragement to take those photos I’ve been meaning to take for some time.  One such photo was a shot of the Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells, specifically after it had rained, for that shiny pavement effect.

One of my favourite forms of photography is light-painting, and My365 spurred me on to experiment with a stencil.  I made a stencil of a stick man, and using a strobe, was able to create the illusion of a line of stick men.  One around a dome, and another a wee bush in the woods.


For one of the weekly challenges, I dug out my very first digital camera, a Sanyo XPC350.

As time rolled on, I must be honest, the enthusiasm began to wane.  Then there we times, when I was simply snapping away at anything for that day, and that made the whole thing seem a bit of a chore.

Another photo bucket list shot – I also managed a 6 AM trip to the local park to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise at Dunorlan Park
Sunrise at Dunorlan Park


From the begging, I chose to post each entry to Instagram, to see how that might work.  I did miss some days, but still had to post something, so decided upon uploading a “Whoopsie”, a black image with text, numbering the Whoopsie.  Yes, I know it’s spelt wrong, but I think it looks better this way.

I did learn some new techniques.  But the biggest lesson of all was: “not every day is a photo day”, least not for me.  There are days, when I just don’t feel like taking photos – hence the 50+ Whoopsies

One of my 54 Whoopsies

Have you done your 365?  If so, comment below and post a link to it – maybe It might inspire me to try again in a few years time 😊



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