First Photo Montage to an ambient Soundscape

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My first photo montage – Mountain Rooms

I was recently asked if a friend of mine could use photos from my Driving Lights collection.  I was delighted and said yes.

A few days pass, and he asked if I could provide another set of photos to accompany a live performance of a Soundscape, by Diane Dunn, during the same gig.

Having never done such a thing before, I naturally said yes!  I was sent a wav file of the piece, no title or story behind it, and was left to my own devices.  The only remit was it should be black and white, which made life a lot easier, not having to worry about colour matching, etc.  I’m not sure it would have worked well in colour anyway.  mountain-rooms-editing

At first, it did seem a bit weird, but as I browsed my photos, inspiration slowly grew and I began to piece together a to timeline using Premiere Pro.

It took a few passes; and at 12 minutes long, it took longer than I thought, but it grew on me, both the piece and the process.  It’s rather satisfying when you find an image that really fits in with the sound, like a ‘bingo!’ moment.

The gig went very well, and Diane was pleased with my montage, a huge relief, especially as I was unsure if my photos fitted with her vision, let alone the name of the piece.  Funny how sometimes, things come together.

This experience has been inspired to give this genre a go myself, and so i have begun experimenting recording out and about with my Tascam DR40. (though I need to get a wind shield for it!).

Have you got any photo montages to share?  What do you think?  Let me know below.

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