Photo shoot with a Mobile? Is it possible?

Photoshoot with Mobile PhoneLast week I attended a ‘photo shoot’ at our monthly camera club meeting.  The shoot was all about using continuous lighting, with a very patient model present.

One problem!  I forgot to bring my camera with me!  How could that happen?  Well, it just did.

Much to the bemusement of the rest of the group and the model, I pulled out my mobile phone, a Samsung Galaxy S5.  I must admit, to thinking this is pointless, but took one shot, and it got me thinking.

I thought I’d take this fateful opportunity to do a shoot using just my mobile phone and that includes post processing!

Taking portrait shots with a mobile phone camera meant I had to get in real close, closer than normal.  But we soon got the hang of it, the model, myself, and the other photographers, whose view I obscured 🙂

I didn’t play around with the settings, just turned off flash and let the phone to do the rest.

Next step – processing.  For some time, I have had Adobe LightRoom Mobile on my phone, though never really used it much.  Again, this fateful camera club meeting, meant I had the perfect opportunity to test it our, importing, processing and exporting (in this case to Facebook).

I took me longer than usual, but I’m not as familiar with LightRoom Mobile as on the PC.  I did find it easy to do all the typical things I do on the PC version, and soon had my selection to upload.

Now I’m not saying it’s time to ditch the DSLR, but it does show just how far mobile phone cameras and software have come.  It also made me think differently, not using a view-finder, for one thing.

Maybe challenge yourself to just use the mobile, next time.

One thought on “Photo shoot with a Mobile? Is it possible?

  1. Nice job, Simon! I must admit that on the odd occasion, my wife’s mobile phone can take a better picture than my DSLR!

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