My365 #1

My365 Project (2017)

Just before Christmas, I decided I would attempt the photographer’s bucket list challenge – the 365!

Labelled ‘My365’, I hoping it will ensure I think photography everyday, forcing me to venture beyond what I normally do.  Having a day job and a commute, will make it a bit harder, so I’m going to have be even more creative.

I suspect I’m going to learn more about other stuff too, not just photography.  There’s the ‘getting it out there’ social media stuff to improve on; hash tags and all that jazz.  Then there’s presentation.  I’ve seen people with borders, logos, and watermarks of all varieties.  The one thing I have decided, is to experiment, rather than fret, on day 1, about my watermark.  I might not even stick to anyone style, instead choose to tweak as I go along.

I am sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and here of course 🙂

It’s day 3, and so far I have the following.

And so it begins #365project #365 #photography

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Too much #email. #outlook is grim. #My365 #3

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