Bra complete and paraded at work.


So what do you think?????

I braved wearing the now completed Moonwalk bra to the office.  Needless to say it put a smile on everyone’s face an worked a treat at kick starting sponsorship.  Wearing it for a few hours around the office makes me think it might prove uncomfortable after some 7 hours of walking, but it’s for a good cause!

I’m rather pleased with the decoration, though I was only the artistic director, I owe many thanks to my capable seamstress – my wife.

Off out this weekend to do a practise 20 mile walk.  Then next week, perfect the finishing touches of the outfit for the big night!

4 thoughts on “Bra complete and paraded at work.

  1. Simon, all you need is the matching fluorescent pink wig with bows and the tutu and your outfit will be complete.

  2. Those look nearly as big as “Jordan’s”, should we call you Katie now instead of Simon.
    Seriously, enjoy the event. Helen Lindsay, Karen Hughes and Carol Martin form Cowes are also doing this event, its 2nd time for Helen & Kanre, first time for Carol.

    Good luck.

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