My Moonwalk Bra is taking shape!

Taking shape
Taking shape

Whilst shopping on Saturday, my wife, son and I visited local sewing/ fabric shops and bought anything pink that you could stick to my Moonwalk bra.  This evening, my wife turned a dining room chair into a dressmaker’s mannequin and started to pin the fluffy pink boa and sequins to the bra.  That’s not all, I’ve got some LEDs too, to light up my night walk.

The Moonwalk booklet has a detailed training plan, and I thought I’d use this as a means to address the annual New Years resolution to get fit.  Well, needless to say, I’ve been sufficiently distracted and expert at finding excuses to have not followed it.  I have done some walking, and the other day, covered half the distance and still managed a bike ride the following day.  So I’m hoping that a practise walk of 20 miles will be enough to prep me for the big night.

Two (current) concerns I still have, are:

  1. How do I prep to make sure I stay awake through then night and don’t end up sleepwalking and wandering of course?
  2. With what do I fill my bra with such that, wearing it over a 26 mile walk, it doesn’t rip my chest hair out?

Ok, back to the bra – hope to have it ready in next couple of days and use it as part of my fundraising campaign – so watch this space.

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