Scott’s Grotto

img_4216Whilst visiting Ware, we visited Scott’s Grotto.  A very unusual attraction as it’s entrance is very small and snuck between houses out of sight.  It was built by the poet John Scott during the 18th Century.

We had no idea what to expect and were intrigued why we had to bring a torch.   When we got there we climbed down some steps to a frontage that resembled a small house, shed, temple, all rolled into one.  built out of flint with the back disappearing into the ground.  Once a ‘folly’ within large ground of Scott’s house, it is now surrounded by modern housing and thankfully saved from being developed for us to enjoy now.

Once inside and up close, it was fascinating.  A small network of tunnels and rooms lined with shells, some in very distinctive patterns.  Visitors are encouraged to find the word ‘Frog’ in and amongst the designs, but look also for the face with a clay pipe ;-).

It was great fun wandering around.  A young boy encouraged us to all turn our torches off, which we did, then he shouted boo.  We joined in the fun and thought “I want one!”.  For anyone visiting nearby, I recommend this as one of those little gems of a tourist attraction that you’ll find hard to forget.

More details at the Scott’s Grotto website here:

Here’s a few photos of the Grotto, including the face with the pipe for you to find if you visit…..

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