Ware have I been?

To Ware, that’s where

We have recently had the pleasure of visiting Ware in Hertfordshire in South East England, whilst staying at the Hanbury Manor, a Marriott hotel.  Initially we had no idea or plan of what to do or expect, other than to have a weekend away from it all.

Before setting off, we did have a look at the Ware Tourist Information website and were intrigued by an attraction known as Scott’s Grotto.  Armed with a printout we ventured into the small town of Ware not far from the hotel.

With the car parked, our tour of Ware began in glorious sunshine.  To our surprise we stumbled upon Ware during Carnival Day.  There was a boat parade on the river Lee on which Ware lies, a parade through the town with Morris men, and numerous other dancing troupes.

The narrow boats were decorated with all sorts, from bunting, flowers and an inflatable doll!  The boats cruised past under the bridge by Ware Lock, decorated under the theme ‘Come Dancing, Not Strictly’. 

Next up were troupes parading along the High Street.  Dancers of all type and ages, sporting brightly coloured costumes made their way towards the Festival Fete. 

At around the same time we noticed a wedding due to start in St Mary’s Church, with some guests having to navigate cross the parade from the pub to the Church.  I am sure the presence of a town full of folk, with all the noise and colours added to the happy couple’s day.

More information on the festival can be found here. http://www.wareonline.co.uk/festival2008/default.asp

Here’s a few snapshots of the day..

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